Why Have Outdoor Lighting??

Why Have Outdoor Lighting??

Once the sun goes down and people lay down to sleep and recharge for the following day, many homes and business’ keep the lights on throughout the night. Why is this? Why not just shut down the lights and turn them on when you get back in the morning? There are a few reasons to stay lit 24/7, and you’ll probably know a few, but here are all the reasons we’ve came up with to stay lit outside throughout the night:

  •                           Safety
  •                           Exposure
  •                           Aesthetics
  •                           Accessibility


We’ll start with the obvious. Your home or business is full of valuable items, capital, and maybe even employees and family members. Lighting the area outside of these places not only provides a sense of security because you can see farther in front of you, but also provides security for your home. Vandals and thieves are less likely to come onto your property where they have a chance to be seen. If your home or business is equipped with security features like video cameras, or motion sensing cameras, lighting can help to see what is happening if unkind activity does happen on your property as well.


Lighting also serves the purpose if visibility. In this case positive exposure. There is a reason that the lighted sign business succeeds, and that is due to the nature of your logo acting as an outdoor advertisement. Adding ambient lighting behind your logo, or fully illuminating it will allow for people to see your business at night. Different colors of light can make your building or home stand out even when you are not open.


Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Well since the beholder can’t see at night, we light things up. Lighting is used in landscaping around yards, and business property to showcase other things that look good in the dark. Things like a pond or a water fountain look sharp with different color accents around them. Certain types of lighting like ambient light can give signs, peaks, and valleys more contour and can help things stand out.


Light at night can ultimately point you in the direction you need to go. Many times visitors may stop in at home, you may need to go to work early, or even stay late. The proper lighting can turn these events into a please experience for guests and customers, and make your trips to the office easy.
Even if these all seem like no-brainers to you, remember that the real trick of the trade is keeping the lights on.  Costs for keeping your lights on all day and night depending on the style of light you use, the length of time the lights are running, and the time of year.

At Mid-West Electric, we do lights…alot, so don’t ever be afraid to see if we can help you save money on an outdoor lighting project.