What Electricians Wish You Knew – The DIY version

What Electricians Wish You Knew – The DIY version

Mid-West Electric Happy ElectricianThe electrical world is vast, complex, and interesting to many people. If you haven’t spent your working life zapping things,       preventing things from zapping you, and bringing electronics to life, then there might be some formalities that you aren’t aware of…in our world that is. Instead of first trying to wrap your minds around how our world works, we are going to give some advice into what we wish many of those DIY’ers out there would attempt to know before tackling a big electrical project. We tried and tried to come up with our David Letterman Top Ten list, but to no avail. Thanks to our friends at SheKnows, they helped us spell out just what we really want you to know!

1. Know the codeDIYBLOGPOST

2. Don’t just tie in

3. Don’t overload circuits

4. Pay now or pay later

5. Don’t cut corners

6. Invaluable training

7. Safety first

8. Do your homework

9. Ask around

10. References

To know why these ten tips are so important, SheKnows breaks them down in more detail.  Check them out, and thanks for reading!