Clean Energy in Houston

Clean Energy in Houston

While spanning through a few different local online article, one caught our eye. The article came right from the NRG blog and really caught our attention. The blog talks about a bundle of sustainability upgrades happening to NRG Park. A few upgrades that will be seen are Solar Panel integration, upgraded lighting to more efficient LED lights, and charging stations for Electric Vehicle (EV) drivers.

You might think that NRG Park implementing three new resources for energy saving and efficiency isn’t that big of a deal, but when you expand from NRG Stadium to the NRG Arena, NRG Center, NRG Astrodome, and Carruth Plaza, we are talking about roughly 350 acres.

NRG Park

So why has clean energy just recently caught our attention? Well, it hasn’t. This article was just one of the many that we stay up to date with. What we thought was interesting was the other clean energy initiatives happening at sports complex’s around the US.

For example, in Philadelphia at Lincoln Financial Field, home of the Eagles, there are 11,000 solar panels and 14 wind turbines helping generate energy. It is estimated that these initiatives will bring over 4 MW of electricity to the stadium, or more than 6 times what is needed on game day.

Out in Washington, Seattle Seahawks have 3,750 solar panels, the St. Louis Cardinals have reduced their energy use by almost a ¼ in the last three years, and at Pocono Raceway, they have a whopping 40,000 solar panels. NASCAR even vouches to plant trees to offset carbon emissions along with recycling their many, many tires.

Now NRG Park hasn’t installed 40,000 panels yet, but they are off to a good start. LED lighting will help to reduce heat lost to lighting, and NRG Stadium will also be the first professional football venue to have LED field lighting.

Talk about a first down!