Christmas: Trees, Candles and Lighting

Christmas: Trees, Candles and Lighting

Merry December!

As you finish up on your holiday shopping and decorating or procrastinate to the very last minute, many of the items that you might purchase and put up this year will have electrical components. Many lights, candles, electrical moving parts, and innovative technology will fill the house and will sit below the tree.

We want to make sure that you stay safe this Christmas.

According to the NFPA, (National Fire Protection Association) holiday lights and other decorative lighting with line voltage are involved in an estimated average of 160 home structure fires each year which caused an average of nine civilian deaths, 13 civilian injuries, and $9 million in direct property damage. Electrical failures or malfunctions were factors in two-thirds of those fires. In addition, 12% of home candle fires occurred in December; 1.5 times the monthly average.

Here are a few tips when gearing up for decorating this Christmas:

2014 Christmas Lighting Tips

Do you  do any outdoor Christmas decorating? LED lighting might help save you money this holiday season and be a great upgrade if those incandescent lights no longer work. LED lighting uses 1/10th the energy than incandescent bulbs. so instead of worrying about blowing a fuse after string 5 lights together, you can get 50 LED lighting sets attached. LED lights are also cool to the touch and made with epoxy lenses so they are more durable than glass. Sure there is a little more of a cost associated with LEDs, but in the long run they do save you money.

Christmas Trees and Candles also play a big part of your Christmas Holiday, so make sure to use these tips when getting the rest of your decorations up:

 Candles and Christmas Trees

From all of us at Mid-West Electric Co. – CHEERS and HAPPY HOLIDAYS!