Augmented Reality – Tech Getting it Grip in the Construction Industry

Augmented Reality – Tech Getting it Grip in the Construction Industry

Breakthroughs in technology, especially mobile, have recently spiked a tech boom in the construction industry.  Each of the three key phases in construction, planning, designing, and building, are being harnessed through mobile intelligent hotspots, tablets, smartphones, and laptops. It’s almost weird to say that your laptop is the most out-dated item on that list!Construction_Technology_5

What is the one word that resonates with any building superintendent or project manager in the industry today?   Efficiency

New technology allows these decision makers to make informed and important choices on the spot and in-turn utilize software to manage cost constraints, such as labor, materials, and even transportation costs.

One of our last articles talked about Building Information Modeling. Technology is the backbone to this revolutionary idea. Now a rich ecosystem of apps and remote data storage, “cloud” services let engineers, builders, and supervisors with a vested interest in the project create and share blueprints, and other vital documents in the building information modeling (BIM) process in real-time. Data will be the determining factor in decision making process and as technology becomes easier and easier to get your hands on, efficiency will become better and better.

Let’s take a look at what we mean by efficient technology.

construction-site-surveillance-system-4-cameraNew job sites normally do not have secure data cabling or internet access, but today as you already know, mobile devices do. Starting with your nucleus, you can build connections off of that. Your nucleus is your hotspot; a small contraption that powers your handheld devices with wireless internet connection. Now smartphones and tablets can access applications that let them update critical information in seamlessly real time. This information is stored on the cloud, protected via password, and can be accessed by anyone allowed to know that password.

Photos and even video can be shared back to the home office to help trouble shoot difficultions, and determine what needs to be done in order to assess the difficulty level of a service project. Video can also give a supervisor first hand view of each project. Hotspots and cameras are small enough to be utilized as surveillance equipment too, monitoring the precious materials that sit at some jobsites.

Saving money on the job site is becoming more are more tangible. There are now tools that you can hold in the palm of your hand that let you make decisions with everyone’s consent at the tip of your fingers.

Controlling cost will always be very important.

In order to control efficiency, workers need to be versed and vested in technology and trained in the systems that can revolutionize their work day. Bottom line, make your site, your workers, or your systems a little bit more mobile and keep a communication line open, rather than using those old dusty walkie-talkies.